Starbucks Cup Sleeves (Corrugated Wraps) - Box of 1,380


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 Starbucks sleeves creates a protective cup grip
 Attractively printed with Starbucks logo and lettering
 Made with Earth-friendly recycled corrugated paper
 Fits 12oz & 16oz cups - Case of 1,380
Starbucks Protective Cup Sleeves (Wraps) - 1,380 count
Replaces old part #11003101, 1200ct

 Cup sleeves fit around the outside of cups
 esigned to protect your hand from very hot cups
 Heat-activated adhesive sticks the sleeve to the cup
 Fits 12oz and 16oz paper hot cups

 Made from Earth friendly 60% recycled corrugated paper
 Each cup sleeve reads: "We Proudly Serve" Starbucks Coffee
 Familiar green Starbucks logo prominently displayed
 Ideal for serving hot Starbucks beverages

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Product Name: Starbucks Cup Sleeves (Corrugated Wraps) - Box of 1,380

Manufacturer: Starbucks

Item Code: 11020575

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